There is an emotional as well as informational skill set needed to go from owning rental properties to becoming a pro real estate investor. It is a lifelong process and an investment.

For those just starting out, we created a place to answer many of the questions a newer investor has. This includes our YouTube channel, downloadable books, and for a nominal investment, we created the Essentials Video Class that teaches you how commercial lenders think, what documents you need, how to fill them out, and how to interview a lender.

The class also includes the templates needed to apply for a commercial loan.


The Real Estate Guys motto is “Education for Effective Action.” But when it comes to borrowing money for larger projects, many investors hesitate to make offers because they are unsure if they can execute and, even worse, are fearful of failure.

While we believe that mistakes are a necessary component of success, failure should not be part of the thought process when you have a great team. This includes mentorship from an experienced yet powerful source…lenders and underwriters themselves!

We created a unique program that not only gives the student as close to a commercial loan pre approval as possible, but also takes them through the process of getting to know their financial situation through the eyes of the lender, helping them mitigate any obstacles that a lender would have, as well as coaches on how to find the right lending and negotiate terms with those lenders.


The worst question you can ask any lender is “What are your rates?” Many investors who are new to commercial lending assume this is the most important component of the loan. While it is important, the most critical piece of using lending as leverage is matching the correct loan and lender to the project that will maximize profits.. The loan is not the sole source of your profit, it

Lending is just like any other tool. Knowing what tools are needed, how they work, and where to find them is our “secret sauce”. We are investors ourselves, we know how a project should be structured to amplify the profit, we then take that strategy into our marketplace of lenders that can provide those terms (and deliver) for our clients in the time frame needed.

Both the lender and client love us because we are clear and realistic in what we are asking them to do, and the client knows that the lender will deliver on what they promise.

Are you looking for help amplifying your projects profits?

Amplifying Wealth for Real Estate Investors